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Personal Training for Adults and Teens in Kitchener-Waterloo


Can You Imagine?

Imagine what your life would be like with a leaner, stronger, healthier body you can maintain with a reasonable amount of time and effort. Imagine being able to look and feel great without having to follow a diet and exercise program a professional athlete would find challenging.

Now imagine a place with knowledgeable professionals dedicated to helping people just like you to achieve that, regardless of where you’re starting from or what kind of obstacles you'll have to overcome to reach that point. If you can imagine all that, you’ll have a good sense of what Kcal Fitness is all about.

FREE Assessment

FREE Assessment & Planning Session

Regardless of what you want to achieve and where you’re starting from, the first step is to schedule a FREE Personal Assessment and Planning Session. To do that, simply complete our online questionnaire and send us your request for an appointment.

Within 24-hours, you’ll be contacted by an experienced professional to get you booked in. During your session we’ll discuss your current situation, assess your health, nutritional status and fitness level, determine what needs to be done to achieve your goals and outline a realistic common sense plan that will enable you to do that.


A New Kind of Gym

Kcal Fitness is a full-service training facility providing all the programming, coaching, education, nutritional guidance, motivation and support it takes to help the average person overcome the things that prevent them from building a strong healthy body and maintaining it.

The gym is well equipped, completely private and staffed with experienced professionals to manage every aspect of your exercise and nutrition program. It’s also extremely welcoming and completely inclusive with programs for all ages and every ability level. At Kcal Fitness we help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.


A Better Approach

An effective exercise program shouldn’t just help you lose bodyfat. It should also make you fitter, stronger and healthier; and proper nutrition should support that. Unfortunately, many approaches just leave people tired, malnourished and incapable of maintaining their weightloss.

We’re committed to providing effective personalized programs that will allow you to achieve your goals while making you stronger and healthier, with all the knowledge, skills and abilities you’ll need to maintain and enjoy your new body and active lifestyle. No matter where you are today, we'll help you get where you want to go and stay there.

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Information & Events:
Alex and KyleighGROUP CROSS TRAINING: Just $149/month

Kcal Fitness is pleased to host this small-group training program designed to help non-athletes lose weight while rapidly improving overall strength, fitness and mobility. Trainers Alex Bartlett and Kyleigh Meler are teaming up to coach this weeknight program starting in April.

Alex and Kaleigh will also be hosting an open orientation and sign-up session at Kcal Fitness on April 4th at 7:00pm for all those that are interested. This is your chance to meet the Trainers, ask your questions and reserve a spot in the program. Register here for this special event, but hurry... our group programs fill up fast.

Nutrition 101 SeminarNUTRITION 101: Thanks to all Participants!

On Saturday March 5th, Kcal Fitness hosted and presented a FREE nutrition seminar and workshop sponsored by Popeye's Supplements of Cambridge. Kcal Trainers Juan Rojas and Alex Bartlett were joined by owner Bill Calberry to help those in attendance understand how nutrition can impact their ability to accomplish their fitness and athletic goals.

Participants learned about fundamental nutritional concepts and essential nutrients, how to structure their overall diet to support their goals and work with their schedules, how supplements work and which are worth taking, and how proper nutrition can enhance performance naturally. They even received personalized dietary guidance, and Popeye's Supplements was on hand with some free samples.

LEARN TO LIFT SERIES: Next Clinic to be Announced...

Strength & Conditioning Coaches Alex Bartlett & Bill Calberry recently hosted the first in a series of three FREE Learn to Lift clinics at the Kcal Fitness facility. The clinic gave interested participants a solid understanding of how to properly perform and train the bench press for maximum strength gains, while avoiding common errors that often lead to injury.

During the practical portion, Alex and Bill provided all of the participants with individual coaching to help them apply what they’d learned, and many achieved personal records right there at the clinic as a result, or were able to press without pain for the first time in a long time. Click here to read what they had to say.


Is Personal Training Worth the Cost?

by Bill Calberry

25-30 years ago going to a gym to lift weights and exercise was an activity largely dominated by high-school and university aged males, competitive athletes and a small portion of the general adult population. The average Canadian did not have a gym membership. In fact, most had never even set foot inside a gym and saw no reason to... Read more.


Question and Answer: Is Creatine Safe?

by Bill Calberry

Bill, I am a woman runner. Can you tell me the effects of Creatine Monohydrate on a woman's body? I don't know much about it, but I hear so many different takes on it and I'm concerned about whether it's safe or not. Will it improve my running performance? If you can help me on this, I would really appreciate a response... Read more.


How Young is too Young?

by Bill Calberry

As an increasing number of children are falling victim to the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, parents face the challenge of having to choose and schedule appropriate exercise and activities for their children, but many are confused about the age appropriateness of various activities... Read more.

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