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Our Training Philosophy:

Most people that come to Kcal Fitness for help have one thing in common. When we first meet them, they're too weak, out of shape and can't move well enough to do what’s necessary to achieve their goals. In essence, they're too out of shape to get in the kind of shape they want to be in and they feel defeated by that fact before they even get started.

Without the necessary strength, conditioning and mobility our weight-loss clients can’t do the work it takes to stimulate significant and sustainable fat-loss, our rehab clients can’t perform the exercises needed to rebuild pain-free movement patterns, and our athletes can’t master the more advanced skills they need to excel in their chosen sport.

We excel at developing and delivering training programs that systematically eliminate a person’s weaknesses, develop their natural talents and abilities, improve mobility and make them substantially stronger and fitter in a very short period of time. In fact, most of our clients are shocked by how much stronger, fitter and more confident they feel in just a few short weeks.

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or weekend warrior, the victim of an injury or illness, or you’ve never played any sports or even set foot in a gym before; we’ll help you achieve your goals by making you stronger, fitter and more mobile, and then guiding you in the proper use of those abilities to build and maintain the body you want.

What we won’t do is subject you to unnecessarily gruelling and overly complicated workouts that serve no purpose other than to tire you out, and fool you into thinking you had a productive workout. Exhaustion is not an indicator of progress. True progress comes in the form of measureable improvements from one workout to the next in those areas that will contribute directly to the overall goal you wish to achieve; and every element of every workout must serve that purpose or it has no place in your exercise program.

Our approach to training is about building people up. Making them stronger, fitter and more capable. Then capitalzing on those capabilities to create a body that looks, feels and functions the way they want it to. It doesn't matter if you don't have an athletic bone in your body, many of our most accomplished clients didn't when they started either.

Our Approach to Nutrition:

Proper nutrition involves much more than simply fueling workouts and managing calories to eliminate or avoid gaining unwanted bodyfat. It’s also about providing your body with all the essential nutrients necessary to maintain optimal health and promote longevity.

Unfortunately, most people are so preoccupied with their weight that they pay little if any attention to that aspect of their diet, and most trainers are so concerned with producing quick weight-loss results, that they also fail to consider whether their advice will lead to healthy eating habits.

The result is that many who intended to improve their overall health as part of their weight-loss efforts, wind up depleted and suffering from multiple nutritional deficiencies that will impair their long-term health as well as their ability to maintain a lower bodyweight.

In fact, experience has taught us that when nutritional deficiencies are addressed and corrected at the outset, the results of any exercise program are greatly enhanced. When they’re ignored however, significant progress becomes difficult, and most people generally have a hard time eliminating and controlling bodyfat.

That’s why every program we develop includes personalized nutritional counseling, so that we can identify and help you correct problem areas in your diet right from the start, in addition to teaching you how to manage energy and macronutrient balance.

We know from personal experience the difference that attention to detail with nutrition can make, and we take the time to educate every client in proper nutrition. At the same time though, we also know how hard it is for anyone to change their eating habits. That’s why we work with you to help you improve your diet in manageable steps that you can handle.

How it Works:

It all begins with your Personal Assessment and Planning Session, which identifies your starting point, what you need to accomplish to reach your goals and what you'll have to overcome to do that. That information guides the design of your personalized exercise and nutrition program, which then dictates your training schedule and content of your weekly workouts and daily eating plan.

Your program is then supervised and continuously reviewed and updated by an experienced Trainer, who will guide you through each of your workouts in our fully equipped private training facility, and provide all the instruction, coaching, motivation and support you'll need to get the most from your program and keep you progressing at a pace that works for you.

There are no extra costs or hidden fees. In fact, the first part of your program - your Personalized Assessment and Planning Session - is entirely FREE and provided by us without any obligation on your part. Whether you choose to move forward with the rest of the program or not, we guarantee you'll come away from your assessment with a greater understanding of how to achieve the body you want, and without having to listen to a sales pitch.

Getting Started:

Getting started at Kcal Fitness is easy. Simply complete our online request for an Assessment, and an experienced Trainer will contact you within 24-hours to schedule an appointment. The assessment process is simple and informative, and once it's completed we'll explain our recommendations and all the options in plain English, and there will no pressure or sales pitch at any point.

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