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The First Step to Fitness

by Bill Calberry

Every year millions set out to rid themselves of excess bodyfat and build a body that looks, feels and performs in a way that will make them happier about themselves and their lives. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority fail to achieve their goals, and very few that succeed manage to maintain what they’ve achieved. Not only that, but most have tried and failed more than once before.

With such a low success rate, you’d think losing bodyfat and getting in shape must be extremely difficult, but it’s not. For most, it doesn’t require extreme measures or a superhuman effort. In fact, from a technical standpoint achieving a level of leanness and fitness that would make most people happy is simple. I know this, because I’ve helped many with little or no athletic background or nutritional knowledge to pull it off.

Don’t get me wrong. It does take hard work and dedication to change your body significantly, and an ongoing effort to maintain it. I’m simply saying the reason most people fail isn’t that it’s too hard for them. In most cases, they fail because they skip a critical step in the process and that leaves them unprepared to do what’s necessary.

In a nutshell, that step involves understanding and accepting that the way your body looks, feels and performs right now is a result of the lifestyle choices you’ve made. In other words, if you’re not as lean, strong and fit as you’d like to be, its because you’ve chosen to live a lifestyle that doesn’t permit it. You aren’t overweight and out of shape because of bad luck, bad circumstances or anything anyone else has done.

You and you alone are responsible for the condition your body is in right now. Even if the decline towards your current state began following an illness or injury that made it harder to stay lean and fit. You chose not to adjust your lifestyle and do what was necessary to restore your body once your health permitted.

Now, before you waste time and energy preparing an angry retort, just stop and think about what that means for a moment. If you’re solely responsible for the body you have today, and that body is a result of the lifestyle choices you’ve been making. It means that you are the master of your own body and have the power to change it. All you have to do is make different choices, and nobody can stop you.

Simply put, lean fit people are that way because they live in a way that results in a lean fit body. If you want to have the body you must live the lifestyle. Until you can understand and accept that, it won’t matter what else you do. You simply won’t be able to build the body you want, or maintain it for very long if you do.

If building and maintaining a lean fit body is important to you, the first step to achieving it is taking sole responsibility for the consequences of your choices, and for making different choices that will have consequences that are more to your liking from this point forward.

If you’re ready to do that, you’re ready for the success that will follow. To the extent that you’re still unwilling to let go of your current lifestyle however, that success will continue to escape you. Just remember though, that if you’re going to maintain a better body once you’ve built it, you’re going to have to choose to live a life that’s suited to the body you want; not just for the 12-weeks, 6-months or however long it takes to achieve it, but from this day forward.

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