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Your Personal Assessment & Planning Session:

At Kcal Fitness everything begins with your Personal Assessment and Planning Session. A proprietary system that we've developed to gather detailed information about your current health, lifestyle, physical condition and abilities, limitations, eating habits, goals and much more.

Collectively, all of this information enables us to create a comprehensive and fully integrated exercise and nutrition program that is uniquely suited to you, and takes into account all the factors that can have an impact on your success. This allows us to place you on the correct path immediately and get you the results you want ASAP without overwhelming you.

To request your FREE Assessment and Planning Session, please take the time to complete the following form in as much detail as possible. Once we've received your request you'll be contacted within 24-hours to schedule your session. Remember, this opportunity comes at no cost and you are under no obligation to purchase anything. Nor will anyone pressure you to purchase anything.

What to Expect:

When you arrive at Kcal Fitness for your Assessment and Planning Session you'll be met by a Professional Trainer, not a salesperson. That Trainer will show you around the facility, speak with you briefly about what you want to achieve, and answer any immediate questions you might have.

You'll then sit down to discuss your goals in much greater detail, and clearly define what you want to accomplish. Once that's done you'll move on to an in-depth review of your medical history, followed by a movement screen and brief fitness test to determine your physical starting point, and identify any weaknesses or areas of concern.

When you've completed that phase of the Assessment you'll sit back down to complete a detailed questionnaire that will ask you about your current lifestyle, experience with exercise and diet, nutritional habits, leisure activities, motivations and many other things including your typical weekly schedule and how a program could fit into it effectively.

Collectively all of this information, along with the results of your movement screen, will provide everything the Trainer needs to recommend the right program for you, map out an overall plan of attack and establish a realistic time-line to achieve the results you want.

If you're ready to get started, we'll set-up a training schedule that makes sense for you, book your first workout and provide you with some things you can start doing at home immediately while we get your program finalized. If however, you aren't quite ready or you don't want to proceed for any reason, we will understand and hope you find the process informative.

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