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Exercise Programs

Although every program we deliver is personalized to suit the individual it's written for, and we offer other programming for more advanced clientele, the following types of program are by far the most popular among the majority of those we work for.

Each one is the product of thousands of hours of real-world experience working with real people, and represents a highly customizable system of proven methods and strategies that we've developed and refined over the course of years.

Please note that every program we offer includes nutritional counseling from start to finish. Click here to find out why.

Total Fitness

(All Ages, Personal and Semi-Private, No Experience Necessary)

Bootcamps and programs like CrossFit have become so popular in recent years, because they offer a well-rounded approach to fitness that translates better to the real-life activities most people want to get in shape to be able to enjoy in the first place. By working on and developing all the key elements of fitness simultaneously, successful participants don’t just look fit, but are fit in every sense of the word.

Unfortunately, most of these programs are simply too difficult for the average person to be able to participate in safely and successfully. Our Total Fitness programs allow people to start at a level that’s appropriate for them; acquire new exercise skills and abilities at a manageable pace, and build overall fitness and health sensibly and safely.

By working with you to build good nutritional skills and habits at the same time, this program will help you build a strong, fit, healthy body that will enable you to enjoy a full and active lifestyle and look great doing it.

Whether you have a lot of work to do to get in the shape you want to be in, or you’ve just allowed your fitness and health to slip a little in recent years, this program is the best option for most people.

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Body Transformation

(All Ages, Personal and Semi-Private, Some Experience Necessary)

While many of the people we work for want to be able to work towards their goals at a manageable pace, and are best served by our Total Fitness program; some are ready, willing and able to make big changes and work as hard and often as necessary to get there faster. For those people, we offer our Body Transformation program.

This program employs many of the same methods as our Total Fitness program, but is modified and accelerated to yield maximum improvements in body composition and shape over a period of 12-weeks. Special emphasis is placed on rapidly improving nutrition and increasing the overall volume of exercise that participants can successfully handle.

Strict adherence to the nutrition program and training schedule is critical for success in this type of program, and a minimum level of fitness and exercise skill is required to qualify for participation. As such, this program is not initially suitable for everyone, but a preparatory phase is available for those that aren’t yet physically ready.

This program is also available in longer terms for those that have more than 12-weeks worth of work to do in order to achieve the results they want.

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Learn to Lift

(All Ages, Personal and Semi-Private, No Experience Necessary)

Not everyone we work for has a lot of problems with nutrition, a low fitness level or needs to lose weight. In fact, some have managed to form relatively good eating habits, lose or control bodyweight on their own and may even be in relatively good health with a decent fitness level.

Some of our clients simply want to learn how to properly and safely incorporate strength training into their existing exercise regimen. This program is for those wishing to focus on learning fundamental strength training skills and methods, with less focus on the other aspects of fitness.

Participants will become proficient in all the fundamental lifts as well as the most common and useful accessory and supplemental movements. They will also learn basic program design principles and experience the most common and useful training methods and progression systems.

The program is offered on a private and semi-private basis, however participants wishing semi-private programs must find their own partners as the programming does not mix well with other program types.

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Athletic Strength and Conditioning

(All Ages, Personal and Semi-Private, Some Experience Necessary)

This program is intended for people who are (or want to become) actively engaged in a competitive sport at any level, and wish to focus primarily on developing the physical abilities and characteristics that will allow them perform better in their chosen sport.

The emphasis is on developing the strength and conditioning characteristics most useful for the sport that the participant(s) compete in, and bringing up weaknesses while enhancing and developing the natural abilities and talents that allow athletes to excel in a sport.

The program is offered on a private and semi-private basis, however participants wishing semi-private programs must find their own partners as large discrepancies in ability level or objectives will make effective programming unfeasible.

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(All Ages, Personal Only, No Experience Necessary)

This program is specifically intended for individuals recovering from an illness, injury or surgery; those whose movements are significantly limited due to dysfunctional movement patterns, muscular pain and/or excessive weight gain may also qualify for the program.

Due to the extremely specific nature of the programming required to help the participants overcome their limitations and restore normal movement patterns, strength and fitness levels, this program is only offered on a personal basis. All rehabilitation programs are supervised by Bill Calberry, who has extensive experience in the area.

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Nutritional Counseling

(All Ages, Included in All Programs)

Nutrition is arguably the most neglected or mishandled element in most fitness programs. In fact, most programs and approaches only address nutrition in terms of Calorie restriction or control to achieve and maintain healthy bodyfat levels. It’s rare to see nutrition treated as an element of fitness of equal importance to every other.

Without learning and consistently following good nutritional practices appropriate to your situation however, sustainable health and lasting fitness isn’t possible. Poor nutrition also makes it more difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to develop significantly improved fitness in the first place. That’s why proper nutrition is an important consideration in every program we offer.

It also why we include initial and ongoing nutritional counseling in every program we develop and deliver. We know that if we can improve your nutrition, helping you to achieve your other goals will be that much easier. Experience has also taught us however, that changing someone's eating habits is hard, but that if they receive coaching and reinforcement on a frequent basis they will be much more successful.

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