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Program Options:

One of the advantages of a dedicated training facility over a commercial fitness club, is that we have the flexibility to offer you the option of semi-private and small-group programs, in addition to personal training.

Bear in mind as you consider which option may be best for you, that it is possible to start off with one type of training and transition to another in the future, and that we'll do our best to accomodate you at every stage.

Personal Training

Personal Training is still the best choice for many people; especially when getting started. It works particularly well for those who are starting off at a low level of fitness or lack some of the basic skills needed to exercise effectively. It may also be the best option for people with specific objectives they need or want to work towards that might not fit well within a semi-private or small-group program structure.

If you're recovering from an injury, have a health condition or muscular problem that limits your ability to exercise, or you're simply nervous and unsure about starting a program, this is also the best option for you.

Some of our clients that start out with personal training do transition to semi-private programs once they’re ready, and we’re happy to try to facilitate that transition when the time comes.

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Semi-Private Training

For some of our clients its important to them to be able to exercise with a partner or friend for a variety reasons, and we recognize that having a dedicated training partner can have many important benefits.

Not only is there a financial advantage in the form of reduced monthly fees, but having a partner can for some tend to reinforce their commitment to the program, because it makes the prospect of skipping a workout much harder to rationalize and justify. When you know someone else besides your Trainer is depending on you to show up, you’ll tend to show up.

In addition, a training partner can motivate many people to try a little harder in their workouts. Even though your Trainer is there to encourage you to try your best, having someone else present can provide even more incentive, and many just find that sharing the experience makes it much more enjoyable.

It's important when considering semi-private training that the partner you have in mind be someone you think you can exercise effectively with and who'll be as committed as you are to the program.

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Small-Group Training

Small-group Training offers the best overall value for many when done correctly. Unfortunately, most places lack the expertise and are improperly equipped to deliver effective group programs, and what results more closely resembles a group fitness class (which you can get for free with most gym memberships) than personal training.

We strictly limit the size of our groups to a maximum of 6 participants, and allow only veteran trainers with group training experience to program and deliver the sessions in an area of our facility that was created specifically for group programming.

We also insure that each participant receives the individual attention and instruction they need to be as successful as possible. So, even though you may be exercising with other people, a Trainer is always monitoring and instructing you whenever you're exercising. That’s what sets our group programs apart, and it’s what makes them so successful.

The minimum number of people necessary to set-up a small-group program is 3, and you should be sure all of your potential group-mates can commit to the same days and times in order for it work.

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