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Alistair Edgar

I have found Bill to be an excellent trainer - he is very knowledgeable about his work, applies it with careful thought and individual attention, but also pushes hard to make me maximize my results. He is serious and professional in his approach, rather than pursuing fads; I believe that I have made considerable progress in my strength and my conditioning as direct outcomes of the training and the associated dietary direction. I also appreciate the fact that Bill is very good at keeping our appointments - I have had (otherwise good) trainers in the past who have cancelled sessions too often and at too short notice.

Please note, the next comment is important: when I was looking for a trainer this time, having been working overseas for much of the past two years, I was very frustrated that the programs offered by the fitness club I belong to appeared to have become rigidly tied to marketing a high cost program only, that seemed tied to a corporate goal but had no interest in fitting my own goals. I am not a fan of pressure marketing, not even when it is wrapped up as being in "my own best interests". At age 48 I think I have earned the right to decide what I want, and how I want to spend my own money; and my extended training now with Bill should suggest also that I was willing to use my time and my money, if and when I found a trainer who actually listened to me. The rigidity of my club on that issue also alienated my wife from taking more training after she transferred here from a different gym in Toronto.

Overall, I like the gym and the people I deal with at it, but the issue of corporate goals riding over my personal goals did come close to putting me off the idea of personal training entirely. I am happy though, to have linked up with Bill as my trainer and that I didn't let these problems put me off from getting the help I needed.

Yours truly,

Dr. Alistair Edgar

Phd Political Science, Queens University
Associate Professor of Political Science, Wilfred Laurier University
Research Associate Laurier Centre for Military, Strategic and Disarmament Studies
Board Member of United Nations Association of Canada
Executive Director of the Academic Council on the United Nations System

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