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Bruce McIntyre

As a Powerlifter I've met very few Personal Trainers who I thought had the right combination of knowledge and experience to make a successful impact on people. Bill Calberry is only one of two I have met in 25 years who I believe does, and have watched making a difference.

Bill combines his experience and understanding of nutrition and exercise science to produce results. I have watched him move people through programs that brought them into Powerlifting and Bodybuilding with all the basics necessary to succeed in the sport. What Bill does is match a person's program to their weaknesses. This is the most critical starting point in strength sports and something I see very few trainers focus on. Bill also clearly understands the difference between a bodybuilder's approach to lifting and a Powerlifter's.

This knowledge is evident in how he tailors programs to fit the goals of the individuals. I have also seen Bill transform people who were not into competitive sports. Bill's techniques involve changing their physical appearance over time in a steady manner using combinations of diet, exercise and lifestyle management. It has been quite amazing to see the end result achieved with no relapses. It is the knowledge he shares that helps the people understand how to effect the change in their habits that leads to simply amazing results.

On a personal level I have found Bill to be someone who I can engage in conversations on any training topic and always walk away with knowledge that I did not have before.

Bill is a cut above anyone else I have seen as a trainer in my 30 years of working out.

Yours truly,

Bruce McIntyre

Competitive Powerlifter
Multitple Canadian and North American Record Holder

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