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Julia Callghan

I first met Bill Calberry in a professional capacity when one of his clients came to my office for treatment. I emailed Bill to discuss this patient’s limitations in the gym while injured, and was thrilled when I learned that I was working with a highly intelligent trainer.

Our professional relationship quickly grew and eventually our shared clients/patients asked why I wasn’t training with Bill. So I called him up and booked a consultation. My goals were pretty simple, I need to be strong and healthy to do my job, and I’m competitive on the soccer pitch and want to stay that way.

As a former varsity athlete I missed being pushed, I worked out and went to the gym 4-5 days a week, but working with Bill provided that extra push and the opportunity to try things that just wouldn’t be smart to do on my own. Bill keeps my workouts interesting and challenging. He learned how to push and motivate me very early on, and has helped me come back from soccer injuries, and become a better athlete.

After my first month working out with Bill, my friends and family also started commenting that I looked taller – postural changes from lifting properly are a big deal to a chiropractor! I have been training with Bill for just over a year now and I have no intentions of stopping.

Yours truly,

Dr. Julia Callaghan

B.Sc. (Hons), DC

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