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John Goodwin

After years of lower back pain, and limping due to a bad hip resulting from a hockey injury as a kid, I was given the opportunity to get a new hip. My inactivity and limitations had resulted in my weight getting in the way of a successful surgery and recovery though. After receiving multiple recommendations of Bill Calberry's ability I signed on to have Bill prepare me for my upcoming surgery and more so for the post surgical recovery.

Bill designed an effective and ever changing regimen of stretches, flexibility based exercises, cardio programming and also strength training. Limited range of motion and weakness of muscle groups due to years of constant pain were complicating factors, but Bill was able to use alternate methods of training to get results. Bill was able to work on muscle groups that had been plaguing me for years and get results quickly. My back and hip starting seeing vast improvements fast; so much so that some of my daily pain was alleviated, but more importantly the strength and flexibility I was gaining was also bringing a confidence that recovery from surgery would go very well. The health complications I had made most forms of Cardio work painful, Bill was able to use alternate forms of conditioning using low weights with high repetitions and multiple exercises in a row to combat range of motion issues. The results were astounding; I was in the best shape in years, lost over 40 lbs Pre-Surgery and woke up the day after surgery with no back-pain and have enjoyed a full recovery (Golf, Baseball, Rowing, Playing with my kids).

One of the most important things for me about Bill that was instrumental in helping me was his vast knowledge beyond the standard use of a piece of equipment. Bill was able to put together programs that showed results very quickly in pain management, stretching, and flexibility. Working with him my ignorance of gym equipment and programs quickly faded as Bill not only showed proper technique but was able to explain the why's behind what we were trying to accomplish; giving me a better understanding of how body systems work. Those tools have continued to help me in day to day activities.

Bill's was able to fit workouts into my very busy work/Family life. His style of training also adapts to whatever style you need to achieve your goals. Some days my motivation levels were quite low and Bill would use his "tough love" to give me a kick in the pants. Other days when he could see that things were going well he would motivate and push me to do that extra set or some additional exercises, and on other days when he could see that pain was a factor he would totally change things up and bring out some new things that would allow me to keep progressing while bearing in mind the things that were limiting that day.

Being a young (sort of) father of three with a single income, Bill was very cognizant of my budget and the fact that I was not able to maintain having a trainer for an extended period of time. At the beginning I was in terrible shape and needed a lot of help get in shape for surgery; but during that time he also helped me to set and achieve some knowledge goals to give me the tools to effectively maintain my training regimen well beyond my surgical recovery on my own. I know that I will need training "top-ups" in the future and Bill will be the one that I turn to!

I would recommend Bill to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle and their health through a program that works through goal setting, teaching, and helping to gain understanding. When you go to Bill you are not just getting a "trainer" you are getting a chance to work with someone who understands and keeps current on ways to get you to be in the best condition you can be.

Yours truly,

John Goodwin

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