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Lori Ludwig

No Excuses = Success!

I was not in favor of securing a personal trainer when I joined a fitness club to lose weight because it always looked like all they did was stand around chatting with their clients - encouraging them to do a few more repetitions and taking up space on the equipment repeating numerous sets of repeated exercises. It didn't make any sense to me.

For the first 2 years I focused on the group exercise classes, cardio machines and the quick fix weight circuit. I did lose weight, got in much better shape but couldn't seem to get any further. Then an opportunity came where I won a free consultation with a trainer.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to get them to suggest some new exercises/tweaks to my fitness regimen that could help me move off the plateau I seemed to be on. I got very excited throughout the consultation on all the practical information and guidance the trainer was giving me and it resulted in a 6 month journey with her that got me to a weight and fitness level I had never achieved on my own in the past. Then she told me she had taken me as far as she could go in helping me reach my fitness goals and highly recommended I consider Bill Calberry to take me to the next level.

She had trained with Bill herself over the years and spoke very highly of his knowledge and expertise in the field of training and fitness. This scared me immensely because I often watched the different trainers in action and Bill did not strike me as someone who would appreciate my sense of humor nor did he appear like he'd have one of his own.

I had about 10 sessions left when my existing trainer had to stop working due to an early maternity leave. She had spoken with Bill and he agreed to take over the last of my sessions. Well from that point forward there was no turning back.

As it turned out Bill's vast knowledge and experience in the fitness industry, as well as his own personal journey as an athlete provided a much needed shift in my training sessions. I am a person who always needs to know or understand "why" before I can buy into anything. I was concerned that he may not be open to answering all my questions. However Bill welcomed the challenge and helped me to really understand the "why" of body composition/weights/cardio/nutrition and how it all worked together to get me to where I wanted to go with my fitness goals.

His honest, simple, no nonsense, no excuses approach to getting the best from your workout to get you where you want to go was a blessing in disguise for me. He was quick to dispel the myths of workouts I often questioned him about.

For instance, I learned very quickly training with Bill why people would be sitting on a piece of equipment waiting to do their next set - it's simple - you are trying to catch your breath and regain the strength to do another set! But there was something very exhilarating about this for me. I never would have believed there was so much of a cardio component to working out with weights.

Although he pushed me, Bill cares about his clients and knows the difference between good pain and "fake" pain and knows how far to push you without the worry of injury or taking things too far for where you're at. Bill's attention to detail in proper form = better, faster results was a very much appreciated. His approach to training ensured that I wouldn't have to spend endless number of hours in the gym spinning my wheels going nowhere with improvements.

Often people suggest doing something is better than nothing, however in my life I don't have time for the something that is close to nothing. So I love that Bill has given me the tools, techniques and knowledge to always workout at my best = success in a shorter amount of time. And I don't know anyone who doesn't need more time to do more of what they love.

I have recently decided to work out on my own for awhile. It's a challenge to have to go back to putting some real thought into my own workouts. There is real merit in having someone do all the thinking for you and you just have to show up and do the work. However I now know and understand that my success is directly related to the choices I make, and I've discovered that having worked with Bill I really do know and understand what to do.

I would encourage anyone who is not sure of the differences in those choices, to seek out someone like Bill Calberry to get you on the right path ASAP which will save you a lot of time and discouragement in the end. Connecting with a trainer that is right for you is also key to your success. Bill's appreciation for people who take their health and fitness seriously brings out his best sense of humor (turns out he does have one) and it's worth taking that journey with him.

Yours truly,

Lori Ludwig

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