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Maria Cortes

My name is Maria Cortes. A few years ago at the suggestion of a photographer I met, I decided to enter a fitness competition in Toronto. I knew nothing about preparing for such an event so I turned to Bill Calberry to prepare and train me.

I had about six months to get ready and Bill encouraged me that I could do this. I had no idea what I was in for!

Bill was determined, as I was to get me ready to be the best I could be. This meant not only just showing up at the gym, but also gaining a solid grasp of the proper techniques of training and nutrition as well as an appreciation for the value of hard work.

Through a relentless effort on Bill's part he transformed me from an average level of fitness, to a world-class level. I placed third in central Canada in my first ever competition mostly due to Bill's tremendous effort and support. I could not have made it without his constant encouragement and intense focus on proper training fundamentals.

I went on to win two Canadian National Titles and two World Bodybuilding Championships in Los Angeles as well as the Miami SuperBody Championships. I learned a lot through these years and one of the most important lessons Bill instilled in me very early. An athlete must sacrifice a great deal to compete at whatever level they rise to. There is no substitute for hard work and dedication to your sport or goal.

To win my National and World Championships has been a great honor and I know I'd never have accomplished this without Bill's relentless commitment to make me the best I could be. This was where it all started and something I will be forever grateful to him for.

Yours truly,

Maria Cortes

WSNO Canadian National Women's Bodybuilding Champion
Musclemania World Lightweight Women's Bodybuilding Champion
Musclemania Miami SuperBody Champion
Musclemania World Women's Pro Bodybuilding Champion
FAME Pro Women's World Bodybuilding Champion

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