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Michelle Lantink

The first time I met Lisa, I was greeted with smiles, encouragement and motivation; I felt comfortable right away. We talked about my goals and motivation for working out and how best to work it into my very busy schedule.

Training with Lisa has allowed me to have scheduled, focused training that changes as I change. I really enjoy being there and the time passes so quickly. Not only do I have a fantastic workout, I leave with an education as she always weaves discussions around how muscles work and nutrition tips into our sessions

Lisa pays very close attention to proper form when doing the exercises in order to maximize the workout and reduce any chance of injury. She always starts our session with questions on how my joints feel before we start and then adjusts the routine based on my response.

Lisa is well educated and highly motivating and has helped me make working out a part of my life. I feel healthy and have more energy. With Lisa's help, I feel I am working towards a more balanced and healthy way of life!

Yours truly,

Michelle Lantink

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