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Ryan Green

My name is Ryan Green. I am a young professional Strongman with no athletic background prior to my entry into the sport a few years ago.

As such, I have come to rely on a few select people to make sure my training is always on track to give me an edge over more seasoned competitors and take my career to the next level. As a professional athlete I have to be careful who I rely on though; I can't afford to have anyone but the best!

In my first encounter with Bill Calberry, after observing me dead-lifting for several minutes he approached me between sets and very thoroughly and professionally explained to me that my timing and technique were off, and that this was causing me to struggle with the lift more than I should. He then offered me a few pointers and spotted me for the rest of my workout. Within 3 weeks of applying what he taught me in that one session, I had added twenty-five (25 lbs) pounds to my maximum deadlift, and I was able to perform the movement without the pain I had been experiencing in several body parts.

I have found Bill to have extensive knowledge of weight lifting techniques, biomechanics and nutrition. He has shown himself to be a very versatile trainer, able to help everyone including Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Runners, Cyclists, Football Players and various other athletes. The best part about Bill though, is that he doesn't just work with competitive athletes. I've seen him help housewives with children to get the results they sought too (some which they had tried to achieve for quite some time and virtually given up on before working with him).

From the initial assessment to designing a workout routine and a meal plan customized to each person and their specific goals, Bill does it all. His devotion to the weight game is unparalleled. Bill is so dedicated to the people he helps that he took up Strongman training with me just to better understand what I do and how to help me, as well as to know what my nutritional needs are.

I've had a tremendous amount of success in my sport, and I firmly believe that Bill Calberry played a big part in that. I'm in the best shape of my life, and it was his training and nutritional advice that got me there. He is honest, unbelievably hard working and dependable.

In closing I would like to say that if you wish to see results, whether you are a competitive athlete or just wish to lose some weight and feel better about yourself, look no further than Bill Calberry.

Yours truly,

Ryan Green

Professional Strongman

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