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Sandra Dietrich

It is with great pleasure and no reservations that I recommend Jenn Calberry as a Personal Trainer.

Jenn has been my Personal Trainer for the past four years, and always will be. During the time I've worked with Jenn, she has always dedicated herself to doing whatever was necessary to see me achieve my various goals; goals I can't imagine having achieved at all without her help and devotion to my success.

Whether it was leading me to achieve my initial weight-loss goal, training me to maintain what I'd worked so hard for, improving my overall fitness, or patiently working with me while I struggled to recover from an injury, Jenn was always there for me, always knew what to do, and always concerned with providing what I needed from her.

To simply say that Jenn approaches her work with professionalism and enthusiasm is an understatement. Jenn is always punctual, always prepared for my sessions, bends over backwards to accommodate any scheduling issues I have from time to time, and has carried me through many training sessions I didn't feel up to with her relentless encouragement and passion for what she does.

Unlike so many other Trainers I've seen, Jenn is also one of the very few who truly inspires her clients and leads them by example. I always know that whatever she asks of me, she works many times harder in her own workouts, and I just don't see that when I look around at other Trainers - if they ever do workout.

As a mature person with a family and life experiences of her own, Jenn can also relate to me far better than most other Trainers I see ever could, who as 20-25 year olds have no concept of the challenges I face to reach my goals and maintain my fitness.

Quite simply Jenn is a top-notch Trainer and I fully plan to back up that statement by remaining a client of hers wherever she goes.

Yours truly,

Sandra Dietrich

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