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S. Kain

When I first came to Kcal Fitness, I had a begrudging outlook on exercise. I knew I needed to do it, but hated how I felt during and after a workout.

I was regularly going to classes and doing cardio at a gym but my body was not changing. I had a recurring rotator cuff injury and was in pain, was not losing weight and was discouraged and frustrated. I needed to try something different, and someone suggested personal training. I looked into it further and Bill came as a recommendation from my chiropractor (who was treating my rotator cuff issues).

During my initial consultation, Bill’s extensive understanding of anatomy/physiology was immediately apparent. While he was detailed in outlining what Kcal could provide for me, there was absolutely no sales pitch or pressure.

Bill listened to my goals, concerns and feelings about fitness. Then, with my consent, he corresponded with my chiropractor in order to fully understand my injury. From there, he created a training and diet program for me that not only worked in conjunction with my chiropractic treatments, but was one that I actually enjoyed.

Once I started training, I quickly fell in love with weight lifting and couldn’t believe how great I felt when I finished a workout. I was completely exhausted and energized but never had to set foot on a treadmill or elliptical! My body very quickly began to change shape. I lost inches, became strong and had muscle definition that I was proud of. I looked forward to every session, knowing that I was pushing myself further each time. Most importantly, I stopped injuring myself. My recurring injury was due to improper form and technique and weak muscles, which Bill quickly remedied.

Bill and Kcal didn’t just change how I physically look and feel, but also had a huge impact on who I am as a person. I have a totally different perspective on fitness and am committed to pursuing a healthy lifestyle as a result.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bill, Jenn, or any of the trainers at Kcal Fitness to anyone. No matter what your fitness goals may be, I assure you, Kcal will help you to exceed them. If I had not relocated out of the KW area, I would still be a very happy (and fit) client today.

Sincerely, S. Kain

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