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Sharon Strassburger

I consider myself to be one of Bill Calberry's success stories. I found myself needing professional fitness training, to help me achieve the fitness level required to successfully apply for employment as a police constable.

I met with Bill, he had a plan. He already knew what my test entailed and what kind of training I would need to get to my goal. From my first training session I knew, I had met my match. There was nothing ordinary about Bill or the way he trained me. When I needed to be pushed, he shoved, when I was distracted, he gave me focus, when I needed encouragement, he gave me support. Bill not only got me to where I needed to be, but also, where I wanted to stay.

During my time with Bill, he taught me how to train effectively and safely with the intent of "pushing me out of the nest", as I would be on my own eventually.

From time to time, I still feel the need to train with Bill, mostly so I can learn some new techniques and occasionally because I feel like I need a kick in the butt. Although I cannot afford endless amounts of training, Bill has given me an exceptional foundation to build on and with periodic training sessions, I am able to maintain a fitness level that I am proud of.

Yours truly,

Sharon Strassburger

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