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Meet Our Trainers:

Kcal Fitness is independently owned and operated by career Trainers Bill and Jenn Calberry. Both of whom are experienced professionals dedicated to helping people achieve their weight-loss, fitness and athletic goals and live a long healthy life. Working together they've helped countless people undo the damage caused by years of inactivity, poor diet and the wear and tear of everyday life to build strong healthy bodies and regain control of their lives and happiness.

In an industry notorious for fads and shady operators that spring up overnight, promise people the world, and disappear as quickly as they popped up; Jenn and Bill are one of the few constants you can depend on in the Kitchener Waterloo area. With nearly half a century of experience between them, and tens of thousands of hours working with real clients from all walks of life, you can also be sure they've got the knowledge and experience you need to get the results you want.

Bill Pic

Bill Calberry - Owner

Strength & Conditioning / Rehab Specialist

Bill is a multi-disciplinary career Trainer with almost 30-years of experience guiding people of all ages with a broad range of abilities to achieve a variety of weight-loss, athletic and rehabilitation goals. He has an extremely diverse skill-set, an extensive knowledge base and is capable of working with or around injuries and health complications of all kinds to get results. Having trained for and competed in many sports throughout his own life, and having overcome numerous injuries and obstacles to do so, Bill brings a wealth of personal experience and insight to bear on solving the problems and challenges clients face while pursuing their goals. His goal is to see you achieve your goals. Read more...

Jenn Calberry

Jenn Calberry - Owner

Weight-Loss / Teen Training Specialist

Jenn has nearly 20-years of experience and a proven track record when it comes to helping people of all ages overcome weight-loss challenges, injuries and medical problems to regain their health, fitness and happiness. She's worked successfully with people from all walks of life, and is extremely capable when it comes to modifying and adapting programs and training methods to suit individual needs. Her dedication to her clients is second to none, and you'll find no other Trainer that genuinely cares as much about you. Don't let that fool you though; Jenn's no push-over, and she'll do whatever it takes to keep you accountable and on track so that you can achieve your goals.

Associate Trainers:

Kcal Fitness also serves as a home for a growing number of Associate Trainers and their clients, all of whom have been a welcome addition to the growing Kcal Fitness community. If you're an experienced independent Trainer, and you're looking for a home for yourself and your clients, please get in touch to find out if we have an opening.

Lisa Nosal

Lisa Nosal

Associate Trainer

Lisa is an experienced Trainer who has worked in commercial gyms as well as a private studio environment to successfully guide many clients to achieve a variety of weight-loss and fitness objectives over the past decade. She has a broad client base and a personal dedication to her own health and fitness that helps keep her strongly connected with all of her clients and understanding of their needs, challenges and concerns. Having worked closely in the past with Kcal Fitness owners Jenn and Bill Calberry for years, Lisa is an ideal and welcome addition to the Kcal team.

Gloria Vaughan

Gloria Vaughan

Associate Trainer

Gloria is a career fitness and health professional, and has been a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor since 2002. Over the years she has worked with a wide range of clients with diverse needs and interests in a variety of settings ranging from one-on-one to large groups."Fitness can be fun" is her motto, and she brings a positive energy to all of her sessions, along with a keen eye for safety and effectiveness. Gloria is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and enjoys teaching yoga classes in addition to her work as a Trainer, a Corporate Wellness Coach and a HIIT-style bootcamp instructor.

Alex Bartlett

Alex Bartlett

Associate Trainer

Although himself a weight-loss success story, that achievement pales compared to all that Alex has achieved since. In just a few years Alex’s dedication to training and learning everything he can about it, has catapulted him into the ranks of professional powerlifters and strongmen. His own success and appreciation for what can be accomplished with exercise and nutrition, has also given him a desire to use what he’s learned to help others realize their goals as a professional trainer. Whether you aspire to athletic excellence, or you’d simply like to look and feel a whole lot better, Alex has the knowledge and ability to construct a program to help you achieve it, and show you how to implement it successfully.


While our in-house knowledge and experience is extensive and enables us to effectively assess and help most people get on the right track quickly and achieve their goals, we have no reservations about seeking help from the medical community and other health practitioners whenever it will help us to help our clients better.

If you're nervous about starting an exercise program or unsure if it would be safe, because of a recent injury or illness, chronic pain or physical limitations due to past injuries, please come and see us.

We have significant rehabilitation experience, and are able to work with or around many medical conditions. We also maintain alliances with some highly skilled practitioners within the Sports Medicine community who can quickly diagnose any unexplained pain or limitations you may have, and work with us to resolve the problem quickly.

Julia Callaghan

Dr. Julia Callaghan

Chiropractor, Certified ART Provider, Acupuncture

With an evidence based approach to the diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal problems of all kinds, Dr. Julia has proven an invaluable ally in helping our clients to overcome the limiting effects of old injuries and chronic pain. Julia is a highly skilled diagnostician, a staunch supporter of what we do, and believes strongly in cooperation between Trainers and Health Practitioners. Working together we've helped many to achieve goals that wouldn't otherwise have been possible. In addition to her own formidable knowledge and skillset, she also has all the resources of Grand River Sports Medicine (one of the largest Sports Medicine Organizations in the Region) at her disposal.

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