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Bill Calberry - Head Trainer

I've dedicated the better part of 30-years to the study of exercise science, nutrition and human performance; and to learning how to help people of all ages and ability levels to achieve their weight-loss, athletic and rehabilitation goals through fact-based methods proven in real-world situations with real people.

In my time I've worked with the very young, the very old and every age in between. I've trained some talented and driven athletes, and I've worked with many people that simply wanted to overcome the effects of time and bad habits to lose some weight, get back in shape and feel good in their own skin once again.

I've also had the opportunity to work with some truly outstanding individuals that wanted nothing more than to regain their mobility and physical freedom after a catastrophic injury or illness.

In addition, I've had the privilege of helping many others to get started as Personal Trainers themselves; mentoring them as they embarked on their own careers, in much the same way as those who helped me to get my own start. I've also personally trained for and competed in a wide variety of sports and athletic endeavors, and reinvented (or rebuilt) my own body more times than I can remember.

Regardless of what you want to achieve, where you're starting from or how far you have to go; the up-shot of all this is that I have the knowledge, background and real world experience it will take to help you overcome the challenges you'll face and succeed.

Just ask some of my clients...

Gloria Vaughan

Personal Trainer

"Training with Bill in the past changed everything for me and made me so much stronger, on the inside and out!"

Dr. Julia Callaghan


"I first met Bill Calberry in a professional capacity when one of his clients came to my office for treatment. I emailed Bill to discuss this patient’s limitations in the gym while injured, and was thrilled when I learned that I was working with a highly intelligent trainer." Read more...

Emily Dixon

"Bill's experience and education have exceeded that of any trainer with whom I have worked with in the past. Bill's passion for training is clearly portrayed in his motivational techniques. His genuine drive to see me succeed along with his continual support helped me to get the most out of each and every training session. As a nationally certified level two coach myself I know motivation is essential to any trainers' success."

Cathy and Alex Just

"Myself and my husband have been training with Bill approximately three to four times per week over the past five weeks. During this time we have increased our strength dramatically, as much as 50% in certain exercises. We have both worked with a number of trainers in the area over the years, but none have had such explosive results in such a short period of time."

Maria Cortes

"My name is Maria Cortes. A few years ago at the suggestion of a photographer I met, I decided to enter a fitness competition in Toronto. I knew nothing about preparing for such an event so I turned to Bill Calberry to prepare and train me..." Read more...

Simon Borys

"Bill is a very goal oriented trainer and he gets results. Before we began training he found out what my personal goals were and he tailored our training to meet those goals. He also helped me develop a nutritional plan that worked for me and took into account my personal goals and tastes. He does not have a "one-size fits all" approach to Personal Training. I have seen him tailor his approach to meet the needs of anyone, from someone who is in the gym for the first time to an experienced athlete. Bill was always very encouraging and motivating when we trained. He had the ability to motivate me to surpass any limits, which I thought I had. I can personally attest to the gains I made in strength, endurance, and diet under Bill's guidance."

Ken Woodhouse

"Bill is a true professional. I have been training with Bill for approximately 4-months and have been challenged, satisfied, exhausted and energized at each session. I would recommend Bill for anyone who wants to improve their strength, or personal well being."

Bruce McIntyre

"As a Powerlifter I've met very few Personal Trainers who I thought had the right combination of knowledge and experience to make a successful impact on people. Bill Calberry is only one of two I have met in 25 years who I believe does, and have watched making a difference..." Read more...

Shari Strassburger

"I have trained with Bill numerous times over the past 4 years. I have worked with him in a traditional gym setting as well as his own facility. Each and every time, I gain strength, knowledge and the desire to maintain and sometimes challenge my overall physical health. Bill has given me the tools to work independently, with a partner or even in a group. With Bill's expertise and ability to think outside the box, I have reached a level of fitness that I would otherwise never have achieved. I look forward to working with Bill again!"

Alistair Edgar

"I have trained with Bill for approximately one year; he understands his field very well, and pushes you to achieve results without excuses. He has been better, more reliable, and more effective than any trainer I have had for the past 7-10 years as I have engaged in strength/fitness training. Highly recommended!"

Rae-Ann Baird

"To say that I am merely satisfied with the results I have achieved since working out on a regular basis with Bill would be understating my own success. Without Bill's Instruction over the course of our training period, I would not have been able to achieve the dramatic results I received. Bill is very safety oriented. He focuses on correct form and always has alternate exercises to suit my needs. He is continuously challenging me to strive higher, to go beyond my previous achievements. Bill has been instrumental in changing my outlook regarding physical activity. I feel confident that together, we have made physical activity a permanent part of my life."

Andrea Weido

"No fluff. Bill gets results. If you need a plan to improve your shape, Bill can lead you every step of the way. If you can take the sweat and pain, he'll make sure you don't cheat. He's as honest as they come. Did I mention no fluff?"

David Barnard

"I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Bill who is a dedicated trainer. His expertise and persistence in this capacity have been helpful in my work as well as my personal life. Bill helped me achieve the weight and physical fitness goals that I set out for myself. Bill's attitude is inspiring, his knowledge exceptional. I highly recommend Bill as Personal Trainer to anyone interested in increasing his or her physical conditioning."

Ryan Green

"My name is Ryan Green. I am a young professional Strongman with no athletic background prior to my entry into the sport a few years ago. As such, I have come to rely on a few select people to make sure my training is always on track to give me an edge over more seasoned competitors and take my career to the next level. As a professional athlete I have to be careful who I rely on though; I can't afford to have anyone but the best..." Read more...

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