COVID-19 Procedures

What We're Doing to Keep You Safe.

Our COVID-19 Procedures

The safety of our members always been at the core of our approach, which is why we’ve put a great deal of thought and effort into implementing truly effective COVID-19 Procedures. After consulting all provincial, regional and local resources, we’ve adopted a set of guidelines that covers all the bases. In addition, we’re committed to continuously reviewing and updating the way we do things, to make sure everyone visiting our gym stays safe.

A Different Kind of Gym:

Our gym has always operated on an appointment only basis, and the entire space was originally set up for members to be able to train without having to share equipment and space. In fact, we reserve a separate fully-equipped training station for each of our members every time they have an appointment. Not only that, but we don’t allow anyone in the gym other than those with an appointment and our trainers.

Kcal Fitness Gym 1
Fully-Equipped Training Stations With Ample Room for Distancing

So, while other gyms and fitness clubs are struggling with how to keep their members safe and comfortable, we already have years of experience working in a facility with programs that were tailor made for social distancing from the start. That’s why we can be confident that with the extra COVID-19 Safety procedures we’ve implemented, Kcal Fitness is one of the safest places you can be outside of your own home.

COVID-19 Safety Procedures:

In addition to making sure the gym is regularly and fully cleaned and sanitized, our COVID-19 procedures are carefully designed to allow us to keep the gym and equipment in that condition throughout each day with minimal impact on the training experience of every member.

Our goal is to continue to provide a great training experience that yields exceptional results, while keeping our members and our staff as safe and comfortable as possible.

General Measures:

  1. Entry into the facility will be by appointment only, and the total number of people inside the gym will be limited to provide ample room for social distancing at all times. 
  2. If you feel ill or have any reason to believe you may have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) whether you feel ill or not, please inform us immediately, and do NOT come in for a workout until you’re sure it’s safe for you to return.
  3. Please arrive ready for your workout without having to change clothing or footwear in order to minimize the time spent in the entrance area of the facility.
  4. When you arrive at the gym please notify us by text and remain outside of the facility and away from the door until we come out to escort you in.
  5. Please allow us to open and close the door for you on your way in and out of the gym, and avoid touching the door or anything else in the entrance area.
  6. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray that is on the Government of Canada list of approved products for COVID-19 will be used throughout the facility.
  7. Members are required to sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the facility.
  8. Please do not leave any personal belongings sitting anywhere in the facility except where our trainers direct.
  9. The main training floor of the gym will be maintained as a sanitized space at all times, and trainers are expected to re-sanitize all aspects of the space and the equipment within it on an ongoing basis.

Inside the Gym:

  1.  We ask that all members comply with the Waterloo Region Face Covering Bylaw when entering, exiting and standing in common areas of the gym, but wish to emphasize that the bylaw does not require you to wear a face covering while exercising if you find it impairs your breathing.
  2. Staff will complete a pre-shift COVID-19 screening before the start of each shift, and wear a face covering at all times while on the main gym level.
  3. Staff will use hand sanitizer whenever they enter the facility or return to the main gym level from the staff areas, and at the start of every new session.
  4. After you have have entered the gym and sanitized your hands, please move to the workout station indicated by your trainer immediately.
  5. Physical distancing should be maintained at all times while inside the facility. Please follow the instructions given by your trainer with regard to moving around the gym in order to maintain social distancing.
  6. Our washroom, changerooms and staff areas are NOT open or available to the public until all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. We cannot re-sanitize these areas after each use without taking time away from someone’s workout, so we cannot guarantee they will be sanitized for the next user.
  7. Only the trainers will be allowed to load and unload weight plates, change weights or position and adjust equipment. This is to ensure that each client will only be touching surfaces that their Trainer can easily re-sanitize on an ongoing basis, and that the rest of the equipment remains sanitized for everyone that follows them that day.
  8. Please refrain from touching, sitting on or leaning against surfaces throughout the facility, as it could add greatly to our cleaning workload and detract from someone’s workout.
  9. Trainers must keep track of everything touched by members and themselves and immediately re-sanitize it after each use or contact, so that it remains safe for the next member.
  10. Some equipment has been removed from use until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted if we have determined that keeping it sanitized on an ongoing basis will be problematic. This equipment will not return until all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.
  11. Trainers are permitted under Provincial regulations to be closer to a member than allowed under social distancing guidelines when it is necessary for safety or training purposes.
  12. Trainers must re-sanitize their hands either with hand sanitizer or approved disinfectant whenever they touch something that has been touched by a member or they touch their face or face covering.
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