Quick Start Program

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Registration is now open for our Quick Start program. This program was developed for beginners, so no prior experience is necessary and available timeslots will go quickly.  As always, an appointment is necessary to visit the gym and get started, and strict COVID-19 procedures are in effect at all times.

The Quick Start program is designed to teach beginners the basics of strength training and conditioning, while also improving their diet. So, if you’ve ever wanted to jump in and learn how to workout properly and eat better, this is your chance. It really doesn’t matter how little you know or can do right now. What matters is that you’re ready to make a start.

Personal Training Done Right

This is NOT a watered down generic group-exercise class or circuit-training program. This is a comprehensive program personalized for each member and delivered by veteran Strength and Conditioning Trainer Bill Calberry. With over 30-years of experience, Bill is extremely skilled at teaching beginners and getting them up to speed quickly. The total cost of the program is $659+HST monthly, and every participant will receive:

  • A Private Assessment & Planning Session
  • Personalized programming
  • Individual Nutrition Coaching
  • Daily progress tracking & updates
  • 3-Weekly Workouts in the Kcal Fitness gym

What You'll Learn

The Quick Start program will teach you all the fundamental movements that every strength and conditioning program is built on. You will learn all the basics in a way that is personalized to match your present abilities, and progress at a rate that is manageable for you. In addition, you’ll also learn how a program is structured, how to manage your progress, and how everything fits together.

At the same time, you’ll also be building a basic understanding of good nutrition and how to follow a healthy approach to diet. The focus of this component is on building good habits and understanding what you need to include in your overall diet to support health and longevity. You will also learn how calorie control can be used to reach and maintain your ideal bodyweight.

Register Now

Fill in the form below and send it to us to request more information. We’ll get back to your as soon as possible to answer any questions you have, and to book your assessment and planning session if you want to move forward. There is no cost for the session, whether you join the program or not.

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