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Diet & Exercise Done Right

Kcal Fitness is a private Personal Training and Nutrition center in Kitchener, where experienced Personal Trainers Jenn and Bill Calberry have been helping people to lose weight and build strong healthy bodies for years. The facility was designed to make professional training and nutrition coaching available to the average person, and the spacious private gym combines all the equipment and resources they need.

1. Programs & Personal Training

We provide evidence-based training programs, individually developed for each member, and guided by experienced Personal Trainers. We also keep things as simple as possible, so members can focus on doing what they need to do.

2. A Large Private Gym

You don't need to deal with overcrowded gyms or costly home fitness equipment cluttering up your house any longer. Because our large private gym provides all the equipment you'll need and plenty of space to use it safely and effectively.

3. Nutritional Coaching

There is just so much disinformation about how to eat that the average person ends up overwhelmed and frustrated. So, we teach our members how to eat nutritiously while keeping it simple and sustainable.

Our Experienced Personal Trainers

In an industry full of shady characters that are here today and gone tomorrow, veteran Personal Trainers Jenn and Bill Calberry are among the few constants. Together they have over 50-years of combined experience helping the people of Kitchener Waterloo overcome their challenges and achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals.

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Member Reviews


Guided by strict principles and a proven process, Jenn and Bill Calberry have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to achieve their weight-loss, fitness and body transformation goals. In fact, it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from or what you have to overcome, they will get you where you want to go in a way that is manageable and maintainable.

Julia Callaghan
Dr. Julia Callaghan
MSK Centre (Waterloo ON)
Chiropractor (DC), ART Provider, Acupuncturist

Bill keeps my workouts interesting and challenging. He learned how to push and motivate me very early on, and has helped me come back from soccer injuries, and become a better athlete.

gerry west
Gerry West

Jenn has always displayed a high degree of integrity, respect and ambition. She really makes her clients feel great about themselves by helping set fitness goals, personalizing an amazing program and coaching towards exceeding results.

ken woodhouse
Ken Woodhouse
Woodhouse Group

Bill is a true professional, I have been training with Bill for approx. 4 months and have been challenged, satisfied, exhausted and energized at each session. I would recommend Bill for anyone who wants to improve their strength, or personal wellbeing.

Vikki Zabel
Vikki Zabel

Jenn is very knowledgeable in her area and she brings a wide range of practical experience to her daily interactions with her clients. She is highly motivated and consistently gives one hundred percent plus, to the tasks at hand.

Maria Cortes
Maria Cortes
Professional Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

To win my National and World Championships has been a great honor and I know I’d never have accomplished this without Bill’s relentless commitment to make me the best I could be. This was where it all started and something I will be forever grateful to him for.

Sandra Dietrich
Sandra Dietrich

Whether it was leading me to my initial weight-loss goal, training to maintain what I’d worked so hard for, improving my overall fitness, or patiently working with me while I struggled to recover from an injury, Jenn was always there for me.

andrea weido
Andrea Weido

No fluff. Bill gets results. If you need a plan to improve your shape, Bill can lead you every step of the way. If you can trust in his process, he will get you results. He’s as honest as they come. Did I mention no fluff?

John Goodwin
John Goodwin

When you go to Bill you are not just getting a “trainer” you are getting a chance to work with someone who understands and keeps current on ways to get you to be in the best condition you can be.

Getting Started

Becoming a member at Kcal Fitness is simple. Just click on the "Get Started" button below to learn about our FREE Assessment and Planning Session and send us a request for an appointment. If you'd like more information about our "Programs & Pricing" first just select that option instead.

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